Drone Fans 2pcs Remote Controller Transparent Screen Protective Film HD Pad for Mavic Pro Drone

Product Features

  • Brand new upgraded screen protector film with high quality!
  • 2pcs Remote Controller Screen Protective Film for Mavic Pro.
  • Specially Designed for DJI Mavic Pro's Remote Controller Screen.
  • Note: the remote controller is not included.
  • Packing list: 2 x Mavic Pro Screen Protective Film
New Price: $4.99
(as of 05/22/2019 06:49 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The importance of screen protection

1.Remote control screen is made of plexiglass material, commonly known as acrylic, although the transparency is high, but the hardness is only 2H, soft, with a few will leave a trace of toothbrush, foil can be effectively protected
2.The lens in the flight process is easy to stick dust, wipe clean regularly, easily lead to permanent damage to the lens, the film can prevent scratching, play a protective role.

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