DJI And World’s Largest Model Aviation Group Join Hands For Safety, Training Programs

A new safety and training program is on the verge of being launched by the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) in collaboration with DJI, the pioneer in drone technology. The program will promote safety and responsibility while flying a drone and will also train public safety officers to use drones to good effect.

According to Robotics Tomorrow, Aviation giants AMA and DJI are coming together to maximize the efforts of educational outreach. DJI, being the world’s leading manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), will play a significant role along with AMA in providing new programs and options for the enthusiasts of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), an abbreviation used for drones by the FAA. Both AMA and DJI will involve into more joint activities to inspire people from all age groups regarding model aviation and recreational drone flying.

The members of the top managements of both AMA and DJI are very much excited for the collaboration. They are in talks to develop a joint AMA membership. The imparting of viable knowledge for safely flying personal drones through new programs and also the orientation of programs for the youth interested in taking up careers in aviation and technology of drones is also a significant part of the plans of AMA and DJI.

According to Digital Trends, the AMA is the biggest organization in the whole world for model aviation, with almost 200000 members globally. The non-profit organization also boasts of holding more than 2000 competitions every year and consists of over 2500 across the US.

Reportedly, the two groups, AMA and DJI, will work together for a better future in enhancing training and careers in drone flying. The youngsters participating in AMA’s UAS4STEM drone construction competition will also have the privilege of getting a 10% discount on DJI products.

AMA and DJI working together to bring the latest in technology with aviation expertise is already exciting a number of people. Experts are pretty sure of the fact that the two companies working together to restore the freedom of operating model aircraft, both for entertainment as well as educational purpose.

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