Can’t Afford A DJI Mavic Pro? Here are Our Recommended Drones Under $150

Most professional videographers and content creators wouldn’t really hesitate to fork out the thousands of dollars needed to get their hands on the latest and greatest drones in the market today. Some of these drones include the $999 DJI Mavic Pro and the $1,199 DJI Phantom 4 drone. However, for the majority of tech enthusiast, the price tags may be too steep. The prices are also really not that practical for those just getting into drone flying and drone photography.

Fortunately, several companies are offering some relatively cheap and durable drones that are both easy to fly and won’t hurt that much should a devastating crash occur. Below are the top 5 best drones in the market today that are under $150.

1. UDI U818A FPV Drone ($149.99)

Unlike unknown drone brands, UDI has had some great experience in manufacturing good quality and durable drones. The U818A tops the list as the perfect drone for beginners who are interested in getting into drone FPV racing and beginner drone photography. The drone is capable of taking 720p videos at 30 fps. The package comes with a VR goggle, an extra battery, extra propellers, and even an extra power bank.

U818A Wifi FPV Drone with Altitude Hold,HD Camera Live Video,Remote Control and VR Headset,Power Bank

2. Force1 U45 Blue Jay FPV Drone ($139.99)

This training quadcopter is one of the most durable budget drones in the market today. The drone will be able to sustain a lot of abuse thanks to its propeller guards and good quality materials. Aside from having an HD camera, the drone also supports a Custom Route Mode that allows users to create their own paths using their smartphone or tablet.

3. Force1 Headless 360 Flip Mode Focus Drone ($139.99)

This practice drone will be perfect for those who want to hone their piloting skills. The FPV capable drone is much more agile that the previous one in the list and is quite affordable for beginner drone enthusiast.

(Photo : Force1) Force1 U28W FPV Drone


4. Force1 U28W FPV Drone ($129.99)

This fast and nimble drone is a good bang for your buck experience for those who are interested in drone racing. The FPV capable drone is able to take 720p videos in real-time that is displayed on the controller’s built-in screen. Due to its small size and powerful motors, this drone is undoubtedly the fastest of the bunch.

5. Syma X5C Drone ($69.95)

Finally, the cheapest drone in the list, is the Syma X5C drone. This toy drone doesn’t really boast the best 720p camera or the best flight time, but users will still get a lot out of their hard earned money. The drone itself is quite durable and can withstand a lot of crashes. Parts for the drone are also quite cheap and readily available, with the package already included an extra battery and extra propellers.

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