DJI Drones Have Saved Lives Since 2013; What We Know So Far

A drone is flown for recreational purposes. But can also be used to save lives.

No less than 59 people owe their second chance in life to DJI drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. DJI, producer of some of the apparently best drones in the market today, guaranteed in a report it released last Tuesday that drones were in charge of sparing the lives of no less than 59 people since 2013.

That figure includes the 38 lives spared in only 42 weeks. That is just about one individual spared by a drone every week from March 2016 to February 2017. As per Fortune, the 59 people rescued were involved in 18 separate incidents. The UAVs involved in the rescue of these individuals were mostly private drones flown by volunteers.

As a matter of fact, as indicated by IBTimes, over 33 percent of the 18 incidents had civilian operated drones personnel helping in the rescue of the casualties. One such incident, which occurred in 2015, involved a drone with a spotlight joined to it guiding a boat through flooded streets. The civilian drone operator could find a truck caught in trees and guide the rescuers to it.

In 2013, a man was saved from a “frigid field” in Canada a drone was used to rescue two teens from drowning by carrying life vests and ropes to them. DJI additionally announced that a drone rescued missing kayakers in the darkness by following their warmth marks.

DJI drones alongside different UAVs have had its share of glory and controversy lately. On the negative side, various incidents involved drones flying close or in the path of planes. Despite the fact that the owners are more to blame for these incidents, the drones were appeared in a bad light for their potential to cause calamities. To a large extent it all hinges on how the owners handling with it in the right and ethical way.

Drones alongside artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles are also accused of one-day removing jobs from a human. Then again, DJI and other drone creators will have no less than 59 people defending them from those against the technology. That figure does include NBA hotshot Aaron Gordon who lost his Slam Dunk crown lately after he messed up his Intel drone -assisted dunk shot.

DJI drones can make search and rescue easily done and successful. A study led by the Chinese drone producer found that a rescue mission conducted by a group of five specially trained individuals took a few hours to find the target. A drone can execute the job in 20 minutes. Also, drones can be utilized to survey the area before the rescuers proceed to the target. With lives on hold, it ought to be an easy decision that drones be included in such missions.

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